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Windows 7 Drivers for Old Dot Matrix Printers

Can't find Windows 7 Printer Drivers for your old dot matrix printers?

In those days where Dot matrix printers are the main printer, there are many Dot Matrix Printer manufactures, like Epson, OKI, NEC, Panasonic, etc..

So when we migrate to Windows 7, there don't seems to be a drive availiable.
Does that means that we are stuck? How are we going to print those pay slips?!?

The answer is simple, in those days althought there are manufacturer for Dot Matrix Printers, most of them regardless of brands usually emulates Epson FX80 or Expson FX136 drivers, which was the standard at that point of time.

Therefore, you can simply choose Epson FX series (80) for the A4/Letter size printer or Expson FX series (136) for the A3 size printer, It will work.

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